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Hope is the home ship of the player, it can be improved with various upgrades.

  • Level 01 - Decontamination (↑), Elevator, Comms (←), Hangar (→)
  • Level 02 - Containment (↓), Simulator, Transport, Vault, Workbench (→)
  • Communications: The Bridge is currently unusable for travel, but the communications computer there relays received and intercepted messages. Can also decrypt data logs.
  • Workstation: Adapt alien technology and manage your collection of upgrade chips. Optimize your loadout for your favorite play style or to help with a specific objective.
  • Simulator: Provides diverse training, challenges, and rewards. A place to test your skill.
  • Relocator: Analyzes local topography and helps plan your missions. Provides instant transportation to upgraded Checkpoints.
  • Big Vault: This must surely contain something rare and precious.
  • Containment: Cold storage for alien artifacts. When powered, artifacts can change fundamentals about how the game works. Use with caution, these come with a penalty.
  • Hangar: Provides access by shuttle to the Asteroid Belt, a place with unusual gravity and infinite possibilities.
  • Decontamination: Resolves any persistent issues with your environment suit.
  • Engineering: No description so far