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Weapons are useable items in Anew: The Distant Light.

List of weapons

  • Autorepeater (A): This is a fast and accurate medium-ranged weapon
  • Shotgun: Short ranged and slow, but powerful and covers a wide arc.
  • Chunk Detonator (C)(X): Deploys a time-delayed sticky bomb for huge damage.
  • Plasma Saw (A): Powerful cutting tool and point-blank weapon. Locks up most enemies.
  • Rocket Launcher (C): Fires a laser-tracking rocket. Hold the trigger while aiming to redirect rocket toward laser dot.
  • Jolt Thrower (E)(C): Lobs bouncing grenades that can stun or slow many types of enemies. Sticks to targets. Hold the trigger to delay the fuse.
  • The MCX (E)(M): This precise, long range weapon converts Materiel for high damage.



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